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The Student Success coaching sessions have been beneficial in both my school and personal life.

Before I started Student Success Coaching I was battling with some problems that had a negative impact on me. I would constantly feel overwhelmed and had regular breakdowns.  However, after the first few sessions, this improved. I learned techniques that I am using on a daily basis. I would experience panic attacks when writing tests. I learnt a breathing technique that helped me to deal with the panic. I am now generally more calm and collected. I no longer stress or have breakdowns. This is due to my interaction with my Student Success Coaching mentor Mrs Stenos, who would give me advice whenever I had problems or introduce me to new techniques. She ensured that I was comfortable during the coaching sessions and that I was doing alright. I am grateful that she is my Life Coaching mentor.

Onthathile Mamabolo, Grade 12, Reddford House The Hills


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